Dear Port Ludlow Residents:

The LMC, SBCA and PLVC Ad Hoc Committees addressing the logging that took place in the Master Planned Resort last year are circulating a petition to be presented to the Board of County Commissioners at their Monday morning meeting on April 25. The petition states ” The visual blight resulting from clear cut logging has no place within our Master Planned Resort. As a resident of Port Ludlow, I oppose (1) any commercial timber harvesting of our forested Open Space Reserves and (2) any logging of other forested areas within the MPR that is not directly associated with the active conversion of a parcel to a residential or other allowable use in accordance with the MPR Development Agreement.”

Volunteers have gone door-to-door in many areas canvassing our neighborhoods and are pleased by the overwhelming support for this petition. As with any petition, every signature counts. If they missed you at home, the petition is available in the lobby of the Bay Club and at the front desk at the Beach Club. You are encouraged to drop by and sign the petition on or before Friday, April 22. Thank you for supporting your community on this important issue.