This is a follow up to our email of Monday, July 18th that informed customers of a wastewater bypass. We will monitor the Jefferson County Health Department “no water contact advisory” and let customers know when that advisory has been lifted.

Actions that we are taking:

We have a meeting today with PUD to review possible reasons for the power surge from their standpoint. We have been in discussions with our commercial electrical contractor on possible internal causes. From this we hope to gain understanding of whether the surge was external (incoming power) or somehow generated internally in order to analyze various protection devices.

We are in discussions with our consulting engineers, telemetry equipment vendor, and commercial electrical contractor about the most effective place to add alarm points and what additional equipment purchases may make sense. Our electrical contractor has years of experience with pump motor controls and facilities of this type and will be a valuable resource to draw from.

We are developing a chronology of similar events over the last couple of years to bring clarity to any weaknesses in current equipment or practices. This will be shared with the Port Ludlow Village Council Utility Committee in the near future.

Larry Smith
July 21, 2016