Austin Kerr to Replace Steve Failla as Recycling Chair

After 14 years of guiding the Port Ludlow Recycling operation at the Village Center, Steve Failla is hanging up his broom. He and his wife Elin are moving to Gig Harbor to a new home they have just purchased. Steve took the recycling operation from its infancy to the smooth running operation we have today. Over the years he has worked with the County and the contractor and provided us with instructions, lists, posters and presentations on how, why, where and what should be involved in the recycling area. It is with very mixed feelings that we bid him farewell and offer our heartfelt thanks.

Austin Kerr has agreed to replace Steve as the Recycling Chair. Although he has only resided in Port Ludlow full time for the past couple of years, Austin and his wife Rita were condo owners in North Bay since 2004. Austin retired from The Ohio State University after 39 years in the history department. The PLVC Board of Directors welcome him as a Committee Chair and appreciate his willingness to step up to assist in this valuable community service.

Questions on Recycling can be emailed to Austin at kaustinkerr(AT) or through the PLVC website,