SEPA Part 1: Activities before 13-Dec-2010

(Date County Appeal Writ of Certiorari was Denied and SEPA Process was Restarted)

SEPA Review of New Shine Quarry Application for Permit Iron Mountain Quarry, under lease from Pope Resources, must apply to Jefferson County for State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) permit. This archive collection includes documents that may be relevant to various environmental issues in the this process.

IMQ 2010 Permit Application Documents in Complete Volumes (Very Large Downloads). Also, Hard Copy at Desk in each Club House

February 25, 2010: IMQ Permit Application Links to Individual Sections (Smaller Downloads) in following 3-Volume New Shine Quarry Permit Application Table of Contents:

Volume 1: Stormwater Management Permit Application

Volume 2: Expanded SEPA Environmental Checklist

Volume 3: Full Wetland Delineation and Mitigation Plans

Environmental Impact Statement (Later Canceled by Judge’s Decision on Writ of Certiorari)

Iron Mountain Quarry and Pope Resources Writ of Certiorari with Damages against Jefferson County (Cause No. 10-2-00181-5)

SEPA Procedure References

Jefferson County Department of Community Development Documents

Restart of NSQ SEPA Process Following (1) Judge Laurie’s Order of 5-Oct-2010 that JeffCo’s NSQ DS and EIS Requirement is Vacate and (2) Decision by Court of Appeals (Division II) on 13-Dec-2010 to deny JeffCo’s Motion for Discretionary Revue. In General, Subsequent Materials are in SEPA Part 2.