BOCC Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners
CUP Conditional Use Permit
DA Development Agreement
DCD Jefferson County Department of Community Development
DNR Washington State Department of Natural Resources
DNS Determination of Non-Significance
DS Determination of Significance
EDNA Environmental Designation for Noise Abatement
EIS Environmental Impact Statement
FEIS Final Environmental Impact Statement
GMA Washington State Growth Management Act
HOA Home Owners Association
HUD US Department of Housing and Urban Development
IMQ Iron Mountain Quarry
IUGA Interim Urban Growth Area
JCC Jefferson County Code
JeffCo Jefferson County
LMC Ludlow Maintenance Commission
MDNS Mitigated Determination of Non-Significance
MGP Managing General Partner (Pope MGP, Inc. is the managing general partner of Pope Resources)
MPR Master Planned Resort
MRLO Mineral Resource Land Overlay
MRSC Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington
MSQ Mason Shine Quarry (a 40-acre quarry, also Shine Quarry, a registered name of Mason)
Stage 1: started circa 1986 operated by Clifford and Danae Larrance
Stage 2: continues operation, becoming a permitted commercial quarry in 1989
Stage 3: quarry expanded from 20 to 40 acres in 2004 and operator changed in 2007 from Larrance to Mason
NSQ New Shine Quarry (name chosen by IMQ (Ref 98 and Ref 99)) referring to the 142-acre quarry site referenced at the start of the POPE-IMQ permit application (Ref 47) as intended for a 142-acre quarry since the 1970s
Stage 1: small quarry circa 1974 to 1984 (see photos) aka Quarry or Old Rock Quarry or Original Shine Quarry
Stage 2: quarrying appears to be dormant since circa 1984
Stage 3: permitting process for 142-acre quarry started in 2007 and continues
ORM Olympic Resources Management
OWSI Olympic Water and Sewer, Inc
P&T Pope and Talbot Management (merged into Pope Resources)
PDF Portable Document Format
PLA Port Ludlow Associates
PLMPR Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort
PLVC Port Ludlow Village Council
POPE Umbrella term for Pope Resources, Pope & Talbot Development, Olympic Resources Management, and Pope Master General Partnership (see relationships)
PR Pope Resources
PRR Public Records Request
RCW Revised Code of Washington
SBCA South Bay Community Association
SEPA Washington State Environmental Policy Act
SPG Shockey Planning Group
UDC Jefferson County Unified Development Code
UGA Urban Growth Area
WAC Washington Administrative Code
WCRP Washington Counties Risk Pool
WFLC Washington Forest Law Center
WSDOT Washington State Department of Transportation