Joint Statement from 2nd Mediation Session Port Ludlow
Associates and Jefferson County May 20, 2016

The parties met in Seattle on Friday, May 20, 2016, for a full day mediation session with their attorneys and an independent mediator regarding timber harvest in in the Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort (MPR). Port Ludlow resident and PLVC representative Bill Dean observed the mediation.

Discussions between the two parties were frank, and both parties expressed their positions, but then worked hard to find common ground. Although the mediation continues, the parties have tentatively agreed on the principles for managing Open Space Reserves (OSRs) within the MPR consistent with the OSR’s purpose. Those principles, which are intended to be the foundation of a set of forest stewardship plans, include managing the Open Space Reserves to retain healthy standing forests that will enhance the aesthetics of the Master Planned Resort. These forests will have trees of mixed species and different ages that enhance forest health, habitat, aesthetics and passive recreation. The parties also discussed non-OSR parcels, mitigation, and the golf course property, and those discussions will continue.

The parties have agreed to jointly retain an independent professional forester to develop a forest stewardship plan the parties could agree on to achieve the OSR’s goal.

The parties agreed to reconvene the mediation in late July if a formal written settlement is not completed by then.