The Port Ludlow Village Council strongly encourages residents to attend Jefferson County Planning Commission’s Meeting scheduled for the Beach Club on July 6, 2016 beginning at 6:30 pm. This is the first of a number of meetings scheduled in Jefferson County as the Commission updates its comprehensive Plan for the 21st century.

The Commission is very interested in hearing from you about what you value in living in Jefferson County. All issues impacting Port Ludlow can be addressed and discussed at this meeting. Most of Port Ludlow’s guidelines are contained in the Master Planned Resort Development Agreement which will not be modified by this update since that agreement will be the controlling element for at least nine more years.

However, going forward the Comprehensive Plan shapes future development and provides the guidelines for future actions taken by the Commission. Port Ludlow goes first in terms of the important meetings. Please attend and let’s have a significant impact on the future of the document.

Remember the Mission of the Department of Community Development is: To preserve and enhance the quality of life in Jefferson County by promoting a vibrant economy, sound communities and a healthy environment.