Hello Port Ludlow Businesses and Residents,

The PLVC wishes you all a Happy Holiday Season.

As I’m sure you have noticed, the holiday lights have been installed on the trees in the median of Paradise Bay Road between the new Cottages and the Village Center. This installation was performed by PLVC volunteers with the help of WAVE broadband who provided bucket trucks in order to reach the higher branches. Isn’t it just wonderful to drive around the bend and see the trees all bright and twinkling!

Although commercial grade lights were purchased, the distribution system needed to be upgraded this year to minimize the outages we experienced in the past. In addition, we must hire flaggers to route the traffic safely around the volunteers whenever we are installing or removing the lights. These expenditures amounted to about $1,600 this year.

Since PLVC does not collect dues nor receive funds from LMC or SBCA, I would like to ask your help to offset these expenditures with a donation. We are very pleased to maintain this tradition in Port Ludlow and your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Since PLVC is a 501(c)3 charitable institution, your donation may be deductible from your income tax. If your employer has a charitable gift matching program, I would ask that you request whatever is eligible from them. Please send your donation to the above address, identified as “Holiday Lights”.

Be sure to drive your holiday visitors past the lights, they twinkle
from dusk to dawn.

Yours truly,
Bill Dean, President