The Port Ludlow Village Council would like to continue the HOLIDAY LIGHTS tradition placed on the parkway trees on Paradise Bay Road at the Village Center. These lights are placed on the twenty-parkway trees and were turned on Thanksgiving Eve and will remain on for the holiday period. We feel this is a spectacular enhancement to our community and really brings a wonderful holiday spirit for our residents, business owners and those that come to visit or travel through Port Ludlow this time of the year.

Last year the Council spent in excess of $6,000.00 by placing high quality commercial lights on these twenty trees. To continue this annual tradition we would, again, like you to sponsor a tree for $200.00. This would result in rising $4,000.00. Of course, you can donate any amount if you are unable to sponsor a tree as this will help the ongoing production of this dazzling light display.

This March, the County will have the trees maintained by an arborist and tree service. This action, while very necessary, will require the PLVC to remove the lights after the holiday and next fall reinstall the lights. This will undertake a significant amount of labor and equipment, as well as roadway caution management. So you can see this is not an easy undertaking and has variable costs to consider for our HOLIDAY LIGHTS project.

We are very excited about this tradition and encourage you to consider a $200.00 sponsorship. We are facing a timeline if we want to have the lights managed and lit by late November/early December. We encourage your sponsorship and donations to help the community HOLIDAY LIGHTS tradition.

Please send your sponsorship check today to:
Port Ludlow Village Council
Post Office Box 65012
Port Ludlow,WA 98365

Mike Nilssen
Port Ludlow Village Council