What is the PLVC to our community? It has been considered the charter organization of this community to act as the unifying force to focus on the best interests of all citizens to include the Ludlow Maintenance Commission and the South Bay Community Association, as well as citizens not included within these footprints; yet, living in the Master Planned Resort (MPR). The PLVC strives to building consensus among the residents, merchants and property owners of this fine community.

The Village Council is not here to supplant any organization but to enhance all community neighborhoods, social organization, home owner associations, local business and spiritual organizations. The Port Ludlow Village Council has been here to be the conduit and voice for the entire community to local and state government. It engages in lawful political lobbying activities which has been clearly evident with the continued dialogue with Jefferson County, Port Ludlow Associates over our perplexing timber harvesting of the MPR surrounding forested properties. This past year the PLVC initiated several community focused actions that will continue to inform and support Port Ludlow citizens and stay-the-course to advance our community.

Other undertakings include the revision of our web site making it an easier and friendlier communication device which now includes all meeting dates and locations, our committees’ minutes and ever emergent archives with a powerful search engine. To augment the web site, we have initiated the Constant Contact eBlast system that has positive means for one more additional communication mode for Port Ludlow.

The promotion of the largest Welcoming Committee event this year in Port Ludlow included many new residents and purveyors. It was a great success and we look forward to this type of introduction in 2017.

The independence of the Trails Committee under rock-solid leadership has added, improved and maintained a network of 20 plus miles of safe hiking routes made available to this community. To augment the Trails Committee, we have a newly formed Roadway Safety group to enhance the pedestrian right-of-way along Oak Bay and Paradise Bay Roads.

Emergency is a word that is used as a last resort and considered out-of-mind, out-of-site until it presents its ugly head. We now have an emergency planning document, soon to be published, that will provide all home owners a how-to book to prepare for situations from earthquakes to forest fires. I am looking forward to the community forum to present this valuable emergency preparedness information.

It is important to recognize there is a power behind those chairpersons that make the PLVC committees a tremendous success. While I do not know all of individual serving on the various PLVC committees, please accept a sincere thank you from the Board for making Port Ludlow an unbelievably nice place to live. Furthermore, please recognize these chairpersons Linda Haskin, Caleb Summerfelt, Larry Nobles, Barbara Berthiaume, Phil Otness, Steve Failla, Steve Frenzl and Larry Scott for their vision and leadership.

Thank you to the Presidents of the LMC and SBCA, Ron Racki and Gill Skinner, for their participation as PLVC board members this past year. It is always a good thing to have the views and opinions of our two master HOA organizations. All too often the master associations’ goals are uniquely different than that of the PLVC; yet, somehow should be simpatico with the Council to enrich our community.

A special recognition must go to three individuals that have worked and Chaired several committees; but very importantly, spent significant time and personal expense working on the AdHoc Timber Harvest Committee. Dave Jurca, Dave McDearmid and its chair Bill Dean.

Thank you to all of our Master Planned Resort citizens that made financial contributions to the Council. Without those dollars your Council would have a difficult time to financially support our business operations which includes the Voice, and committees which include Trails, Community Welcome, Holiday lights, Emergency Preparedness and Communications.

Thanks to the fine people that live in Port Ludlow for making this past year serving on the board a humble and rewarding experience. I am now looking forward to this coming year to see what trailblazing enhancements the Port Ludlow Village Council will have to offer this great community.

Thank you,
Mike Nilssen,
PLVC President